• Andre C Perry

Monaco Yacht Show 2018

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

It’s all about luxury.

In this past week, Monaco held another fabulous and successful Monaco Yacht Show, or more commonly referred to as MYS 2018

The stage was the Principality of Monaco, the undisputed capital of the rich and famous, where glamour, success, fashion, wealth and even the weather play a part to make any event in the Principality a truly magnificent one.

Around the world, the Monaco Yacht Show is regarded as the most exclusive and prestigious yachting showcase event in the annual calendar. A place where luxury providers have the opportunity to educate potential and existing clients on new technologies and products, and entertain those lucky enough to be invited to the many events and parties in the Principality during that time.

Monaco is a unique country where one in three residents are wealthy and where $1M USD buys you only 16m² in real estate. In this fabulous country, there is no shortage of potential or existing clients wanting new experiences.

Even Billionaires come to Monaco to exhibit or even show off their Superyachts; case in point was controversial US Billionaire Steve Wynn, whose $215 million 92m super yacht was arguably the largest berthed in Monaco.

However in the super yacht market, there is always the game of one-upmanship, and one would have only needed to look out into the ocean beyond the port to see a number of yachts which could have challenged this status quo. Steve’s also probably lucky that Roman Abramovich and his Yacht Eclipse at an incredible 162m (70m longer than Wynn’s yacht) did not swing by to say hello.

The Monaco Yacht Show is not just about the yachts and the boating scene; it is all about luxury, from supercars to helicopters, watches to cigars, and everything in-between, it really is a destination for anyone serious about catering for this UHNW demographic.

During our visits over the 4-day event, we experienced a wide variety of events, and had the opportunity to talk with many of the providers at the show. We attended the elegant Edmiston party at the Monaco Yacht Club, hosted by long time Monaco resident and owner of Edmiston Yachts Mr Nick Edmiston. Known as the Sailing King of Monaco, Mr Edmiston certainly has paved the way and changed the geography in Monaco around the yachting scene.

One of the most exciting new yachts of 2018 was the impressive ILLUSION PLUS. One of Pride Mega Yachts new builds, this 88.5m build encompasses a gymnasium, two Jacuzzi pools complete with a touch-and-go helipad and spa. This super yacht is simply breathtaking.

Need a car to go with that? Then only a HyperCar will do. The star of the car deck was the Milan Red, a 1306 BHP Austrian Hypercar that transports you to your yacht in lighting fast time that is 0-62 mph in just 2.5 seconds. With modes like Glide, Hunt and Attack, you could be sure that the inbuilt heartbeat monitor will always be letting you know you are above the resting rate.

The Monaco Yacht Show is an annual institution within Monaco - not to be missed, but to be embraced and experienced by all yacht enthusiasts and luxury lovers alike.

Andre C Perry is Managing Director of UHNW Management, Co-Founder of The Drivers Circle and Co-Author of Monaco: The Essential Relocation Guide.  


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